About Dale

Dale began his professional music career as a guitarist/vocalist at age 13 playing for his middle school dance with his band Pegasus, managed by Bruce Clark a well known Jazz Saxophonist. He won a number of awards as a guitarist and played in many bands throughout his High School career most notably with Noel Paul Stookey, (of Peter, Paul and Mary) and David Mallett, best known for his song, “The Garden Song” recorded by John Denver.

Dale attended Berklee College of Music where he studied Music Production and Engineering with Guitar as his major instrument and graduated Cum Laude in 1984. In his second year at Berklee he built, owned, and operated a recording studio, The Sound Loft, which became popular amongst many Boston standouts. Peter Wolf of the J.Geils Band, Stu Kimball guitarist for Bob Dylan and Carly Simon, Greg Hawkes, keyboardist for the Cars, Reeves Gabrels, guitarist for David Bowie as well The Cure and Dale DeJoy, Yola Tango, Mark Sandman, are standouts. He recorded, played and produced his own music there and maintains a large library of original music. Dale has subsequently recorded 2 CDs of original music with multi-platinum award winning Engineer and Producer, Phil Greene.

Dale has always been a writer of songs and began doing so in 5th grade. Inspired by the works of Steely Dan, their music and lyric the pinnacle of his musical taste, making Hey Nineteen, a Tribute to Steely Dan, a thrill which could not be bought. Dale played in bands since 1974 including Pegasus, Emerald, Sigmund Larney Quintet, Breakwater Band, Chinese Cooks, Night Stand, Mission of Joy, Kuliana, That New Guy, 3D Joy, The Royal Scam, The Yewts, and Hey Nineteen. His greatest aspiration is to write, record and perform his original music to a very pleased audience!

Young Dale DeJoy