1979 – At age 17-I was blessed with the opportunity to play in a band with Noel Paul Stookey ( Paul of Peter, Paul and Mary), David Mallet ( The Garden Song) and Allison Dibble while living in Blue Hill, Maine. We performed at my High School,  George Stevens Academy for our Arts Festival. The summer of 1979 – I was accepted and enrolled at Berklee College of music for their Summer Semester.  I learned a whole lot about music theory that summer and met some great talents such as Steve Vai whose girlfriend was my next door neighbor Pia. I found out 4 decades later that they married and still are.  Adjacent to my dorm room was Johnny who was probably in his mid 30’s and played a beautiful black custom Les Paul and said he drove from the West Coast (where he was living with Brian Wilson) in his powder blue 1964 T Bird. We played a lot of music together, wrote together and enjoyed each others company. Johnny and a redhead from Wisconson whose last name was  Redman  drove up to Maine and stayed with us for a week or so after the semester had ended.