1984- I wrote a business plan (with help from my friends )to purchase and renovate a hotel in Antigua, WI where my grandparents had a home. The plan was to make a world class music/video production studio with 25 beachfront cabanas In Antigua. It was funded by a Group of Developers In New Hampshire whom I went to work for the latter half of 1986, (The Mill at Loon Mountain). I received a commitment letter for 14 million dollars, subsequently 3 of the 5 Board Members of the Caribbean Bank that gave me the commitment died In a plane crash off the coast of Venezuela. Of the 2 remaining BOD members. One was for, one against, and It never came to be. We sold the hotel 2 years later at great profit to 2 German brothers who were publishers, the Frey Brothers. Unfortunately, Carlo Frey died In a plane crash shortly thereafter.