Move to Maine

The Move to Maine- My Mom married our Paper Boy, whom we loved like a brother. He was also our Baby Sitter simultaneously to being our Paper Boy. I recall one evening we stripped him down to his underwear and tied him up with belts and put him out in the front yard. We were 4 boys ages 10-15 at the time and, like I said, we loved him like a brother….Well we left Connecticut very early in the morning, approx 4am or so. We made it to the adjacent town to Shelton,…Derby. There we stopped to fuel up when brother Dwayne jumped out of the car and did not return for the trip. We found ourselves at Tamworth Farm, a lovely old farmhouse with 75acres, barns, bunk house, and 34 sheep. We were to care for the sheep. The Farm had a walk-in coolerthe first friend I made in Maine was aguy named Roscoe Bowden, he picked me up in his jeep on anFriday night and we went to the Blue Hill dump to shoot rats…although unusual and entertaining, not really what I was into.  Tamworth Farm was a retired Dairy Farm but the Cooler Still worked and was utilized by another local Dairy, they seem to have plenty of bottles and cartons with branding. Therefore, the Walk-in cooler was active with product. Our favorite was the chocolate milk! The hay loft had basketball hoops and it was a huge court with the hay lift tracks down the center of the ceiling with a rope hanging for court length swings. 

We made friends, had a beautiful place to be in the woods, the fields, the pond, the barn, etc. In reflection, we were quite fortunate.  Brother Dwayne finally joined us a few weeks after we got settled. We lived at Tamworth Farm for only a year or so, I remember having to provide compensation for irresponsibly shooting a couple of holes through the weathervane with my 32 special hunting rifle. I also recall skiing out of my second floor bedroom window during the blizzard of 78.