Dale DeJoy

Dale Dejoy - Lite Blue Bus

The Light Blue Bus

We had a full sized light blue GMC school bus converted to a camper. 5 beds, couch, kitchen with table,bench seats, stove, fridge, running water, and a bathroom. The summer of 69 my 3 brothers and I, Mom and Stepfather went down to Tennessee via the Blue Ridge Mountains and Skyline Drive. We had our […]

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Music in Maine

Music In Maine – I was blessed to meet very talented folks in Maine. The Yoder family were best of friends. Ted and Tom were a great addition to any band and still are. Tom on guitar, fiddle, mandolin. Ted on the drums and both on vocals. I got to know Noel Paul Stookey (Paul

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Suburban on Ice

Suburban on Ice and other winter sports- Living in Maine can be a fairly boring experience so you have to go out and make your own fun! Like taking Moms Suburban on the Salt Pond, having ropes on the bumper and whipping your friends around on the ice. Or the same ropes and having them

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Steven Wright

Sound Loft Days – The Sound Loft was a 16 track recording studio at 53 White Place in Brookline Village, MA. We recorded many famous bands and people. We had many extremely talented people working there and playing there and having a great time. We had a Halloween Party in 1985 that my neighbor Steven

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Tom’s Cabin

Chopped In Toms Cabin- I told you about Tom and Ted Yoder, well…Tom lived in a cabin down on the lake, probably 1/10th of a mile through the woods. In the winter, a potential arduous journey across frozen brooks, 2 feet of snow,  Ted on crutches! However, we would get together in the cabin with

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Home Building 101

Home Building 101- In 1979  my Mom and John bought some land not far from Tamworth Farm. They had some architectural drawings done and we began to build our own home. We did have the help of 1 or 2 people who built before, but we just tore into it and got it done. While

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GSA Theater

While going to High School in Maine  I played alot of music and won the Outstanding Musicianship award in Jazz Band,  and also spent a fair amount of time acting and had a great Theater teacher whom I will always remember as a terrific role model. Bob Marshall was a great human being who respected

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Antigua – Many years of wonderful memories on the Island of Antigua. I could go on for pages and pages with stories thereof. My Grandfather, Henry DeMarco bought a home in 1960 on the most picturesque point in the Caribbean for $6000. He was amongst the first Americans with a home on the Island. They

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Hitch to NJ

Hitch to NJ In the summer 1976 at 15 years old, I had a friend also named Dale, he was dating a friend of mine who was the best friend of the girl of my dreams, Elaine. He said he was going to hitch hike to Seaside Heights, NJ to see his girlfriend Cheryl, he

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Talent Show

The 7th Grade Talent Show – It barely deserves a mention, except that 40 years later some of  my Classmates from Shelton Intermediate School have come to Hey Nineteen performances, in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire they have mentioned the fact that when I was in 7th grade I played Aerosmith’s Dream On in a talent

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