Steven Wright

Sound Loft Days – The Sound Loft was a 16 track recording studio at 53 White Place in Brookline Village, MA. We recorded many famous bands and people. We had many extremely talented people working there and playing there and having a great time. We had a Halloween Party in 1985 that my neighbor Steven Wright, the comedian came to. He lived diagonally across the street at that time. There were a couple of great lines I heard about from other friends. One while my buddy was chatting he was standing next to the piano. Steven sat down and started to play. He said to my friend, ” my mother taught me how to play piano when I was 6 years old”. My friend replied, it doesn’t sound like you know to play. To which Steven said” my Mother didn’t know how to play the piano”!

Lastly, we wound the very wild party down at about 3:30 am. I had just gotten to bed when the doorbell rang at about 4am. I ran down then 2 flights to see who it was. Opened the door and Steven Wright was standing outside saying ” I think I left my  sun glasses here”

I said Steven, the sun won’t be out for a while, why not get some sleep and come back when its light out to find them? He came back that afternoon.