Dale Dejoy - Lite Blue Bus

The Light Blue Bus

We had a full sized light blue GMC school bus converted to a camper.

5 beds, couch, kitchen with table,bench seats, stove, fridge, running water, and a bathroom.

The summer of 69 my 3 brothers and I, Mom and Stepfather went down to Tennessee via the Blue Ridge Mountains and Skyline Drive. We had our Great Dane, Thor with us as well as an occasional hitch hiker. We stopped at many camp grounds, communes and questionable places for overnights and more. I remember a couple of things from that trip:

The bus stalled and the starter didn’t work so my mother got out and pushed the bus while my step father popped the clutch and got it running again. Myself and my brothers were in bed as it was probably close to 1am. Imagine…my mother push started a school bus!

Thor took a trip on his own in Tennessee and was missing when we left for Kentucky. Hours later we realized he was gone and turned the bus around to go back and find him. However, on our way back toward the campsite we were surprised to find him running up the highway trying to find us!