Willy the Goat

The Goat – My Uncle Joe, at age 25 or so, had a Goat as a companion. His name was Willy, he wore a straw hat which his 2 horns protruded from. Willy enjoyed tobacco and beer as well as an occasional creme de menthe. Uncle Joe used to take Willy out to the bars In Shelton, CT and the customers would buy beer for Willy and he would often jump onĀ  them pull the lit cigarette from their mouths, eat It and grab the pack In their top left pocket and eat that as well. Joe also, would bring Willy to the little Diner under the Derby/Shelton Bridge at 2 or 3 In the morning and sit him In the booth next to him with a couple of buddies on the other side of the table and there was never a comment made about the goat by the intoxicated owner. How he became our goat? One night Willy jumped up on the pool table at one of the bars Joe took him to. He ripped up the felt and Joe was given the bill to replace It. That night, Joe brought Willy to my Mom who was a single Mom with 4 boys at the time, ages 3, 4.5, 6,7. We took the goat and he became our pet for the next 12 years. He continued to drink beer and creme de menthe, eat cigarettes, as well as occasionally break loose and terrorize the neighbors.